WildHeart Vision

Youth in Action
Community Co-Creation Projects 

Youth in Action is a developing project that provides
indigenous youth with filmmaking instruction and
equipment so that they may capture knowledge within
their own communities. WildHeart Vision’s other
youth-oriented activities include:

  • Special screenings of 2012: The Beginning benefit San Rafael School of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. San Rafael is the only school serving the indigenous youth of one of Honduras’ poorest regions. Before San Rafael opened its doors in 2008, the nearest school was a four-hour round-trip walk away.

  • A special interview with Russell Means benefitted his TREATY Total Immersion Educational Endowment Fund, a program emulating the total-immersion education program of the Maori of New Zealand. Like the program on which it was based, TREATY provides American Indian youth with an education that preserves ancestral teachings.

  • A cooperation between WildHeart Vision and Metrocinemas is providing 3 million Honduran school children ages fifth grade and up with weekly matinees of 2012: The Beginning. The goal of these matinees is to acquaint all children with the rich cultural heritage of the Maya, and to instill pride in the Maya children themselves.

If you or your group wish to be considered
for Youth in Action, please contact us.

“Shannon Kring Buset with some of the upper-level students of
San Rafael School of Copán Ruinas, Honduras.”

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