WildHeart Vision

Trees have played an integral role in the myths and folklore
of cultures and religions around the world. With an ancient
wisdom all their own, trees are a universally recognized
symbol of family and of life itself. Is it any wonder, then,
that seeing a fallen tree fills so many of us with sorrow?

In People As Trees, WildHeart Vision's pilot community art
and nature project, individuals honor the lives of fallen trees
by creatively photographing themselves with tree remains.
The best photos capture the spirit of the fallen tree and/or
of the model's emotions over its life or death.

Call to Action:
Already, people from Finland, Sweden, Russia, France, and
the USA have contributed to the project. Now it's your turn.
To learn how to share your photo, please email us your photo,
details on where the tree is or was located, and your
complete contact information.

If selected, your photo will appear on the forthcoming
People As Trees website, on WildHeartVision.com, as well
as possibly in gallery exhibitions that will take place
worldwide and feature life-sized enlargements of the most
compelling submissions. Thank you for your participation.

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