WildHeart Vision

2012: The Beginning
Feature Documentary
December 21, 2012. This date, identified by the Maya nearly
1,400 years ago, has in recent years become the source of
great curiosity and debate. Some believe it will bring catastrophic
events. Others, an era of enlightenment.

But what did the ancient Maya themselves believe?
In 2012: The Beginning, we travel the world to examine what
the Sacred Maya texts really say.

The Archives
Ongoing Community Media Project
The Archives preserves in audio and video interviews
dying, living, and emerging wisdom from all four corners
of the world.

Faces of Wisdom
Film Competition
The Faces of Wisdom film competition is a celebration of
creativity and independent moviemaking from across the world,
for supporting and championing short filmmaking as well as
promoting traditional wisdom and silent knowledge which are
disappearing at an alarming rate.

Youth in Action
Ongoing Community Media Project
Youth in Action provides indigenous youth with filmmaking
instruction and equipment so that they may capture
knowledge within their own communities.

People as Trees
Ongoing Community Media Project
People As Trees is an ongoing community art and nature
project in which individuals honor the lives of fallen trees
by creatively photographing themselves with tree remains.

Voices of Wisdom
A Wisdom is fast disappearing from the world. The information noise on the web prevents wisdom to rise above the radar. The majority of knowledge and wisdom in the world is still in undocumented and oral form. Voices of Wisdom want to preserve and document this wisdom and give it a voice on the web.

Voices of Wisdom will grow into a global web-based market square of wisdom, where the providers and the searchers of wisdom can meet. We invite everyone to document the valuable wisdom around us, either with their film cameras or mobile phones. Our service will storage them and anyone can come and find the disappearing wisdom of different areas of life and cultures from the website.

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