WildHeart Vision

Sophia Ehrnrooth
Sophia Ehrnrooth is accomplished in the field of creative work
processes, using a wide variety of art-based modalities as a
foundation for her work as a creator, visual artist, and teacher.

During the past decade, Sophia has developed a unique style of
teaching that draws on Expressive Arts Therapy, Co-Creative
Process™, and Eco-Psychology as tools for inspiration, change,
and awareness of personal potential. Sophia has successfully
worked with a wide variety of groups and individuals,
including healthcare professionals, government officials,
indigenous youth, and beyond. As appropriate, she applies in
her creative work her specialized skills in indigenous traditions
and spiritual teachings.


Sophia is active in Finland’s Four Winds Association,
which promotes understanding and practical knowledge
of indigenous traditions through—among other
things—organizing summer camps, lectures, workshops,
and ceremonies. With a solid background in the visual arts,
she has also been a member of the Helsinki City Museum
Board of Art acquisitions, as well as a member of the board
of the Mannerheim League for Child Wellfare in Helsinki.

Currently, Sophia is involved in a forthcoming WildHeart
Vision youth-media project with the Musqueam Indian
Reserve of Vancouver, Canada, and is working on
WildHeart Vision’s The Archives and People as Trees

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