WildHeart Vision

Shannon Kring Buset
In 2008, Shannon Kring Buset left behind her career as the
award-winning author of four books, executive producer and
co-star of an Emmy-winning PBS reality-cooking series, and
owner of acclaimed restaurants and culinary schools. She moved
to a remote Maya Ch’or’ti’ village on the Honduras-Guatemala
border, bringing with her just one suitcase and three goals for
inner achievement: to heal her heart, to reconnect with her
spirituality, and to discover her higher purpose. She did just that.

Today, Kring Buset is grateful for having lived and worked
alongside indigenous elders, spiritual luminaries, world leaders,
and other awe-inspiring individuals in places as diverse as
Indonesia, Finland, and India. She is dedicated to inspiring
others to embrace a more soulful existence, and to preserving
dying, living, and emerging wisdom from all four corners of
the world.

Kring Buset is a frequent keynote speaker at events around
the world, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS,
FOX, Lifetime, NPR, and in more than 150 publications
worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney
, and Redbook. She is currently completing her
first novel, about the ancient Maya. WildHeart Vision’s
2012: The Beginning is her first documentary film.

To contact Shannon, click here.

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